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Brown Canyon Semarang best natural view

Brown Canyon Semarang is the site as the project beyond C already was 10 years older. And here as a place to earn a fortune for some people with digging the sand, digging the ground and stone urug padas.

Brown Canyon actually is not a tourist spot but rather ordinary hills, but due to the mining of material which is done every day for years and years they changed as the Green Canyon that exists in America.

The beauty of exotic nature panorama make Brown Canyon Semarang is becoming one of the best and a place for photography lovers. Cliffs towering combined with the presence of the trees at the top make this place as a very interesting and dear to not visit.

Because Brown is not actually a Canyon tourist spot of course tourists should look for directions on its own, because people only know that the venue is just as mining material in the form of sand, soil and stone urug padas.

Brown's Canyon is located in the Rowosari Meteseh Tembalang, Semarang, where the fair is far from bustling Central Semarang. Is a challenge for tourists who want to come to this place, where the tourists in all his travels must meet with dust flying and intersects with the trucks to transport materials.

travel beautyful Brown's Canyon route to Semarang.

Location of Brown Canyon Semarang can be reached from many directions. Visitors can pass through the market Meteseh via Tembalang, Kedungmundu or Klipang the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL.

Brown's Canyon route from Semarang timur could pass through the streets of Semarang city HOSPITALS toward Fatmawati (Ketileng), then take a left direction (direction of perum Klipang) and to Klipang Golf. After reaching the Klipang Golf travel beautyful , continue past the iron bridge. After the third iron bridge (the bridge with great river) will be no intersection to the South (right turn). Straight course approximately 2 KM you will see the beauty of Brown Canyon.

Brown's Canyon route from the direction of the stem, Kendal and Simpang Lima Semarang or from the West could pass through the t-junction "goat", passing the Mrican, Kedung Mundu, Sambiroto, Scenic Diamond t-junction turn left (green Eagles), then up to a quarter of the Market Meteseh turn left.

Brown's Canyon route from Yogya, Solo and Semarang over get past Banyumanik, Tembalang, UNDIP and then down the Sigar Bencah until the crossroad of Market Meteseh directly take the road straight.

The need to be prepared when headed Brown Canyon in Semarang.

Because this place was a place of panambangan materials and is still active and at times outside office hours, if forced to come during work hours then don't forget to prepare a mask or buff in closing the mouth and glasses. Because of the condition of the rural roads are pretty ugly, dusty and bumpy then use motorcycles that are flexible or if like a challenge you can use bicycles. Not recommended using luxury cars let alone in a car with the car full of variation or ceper.

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