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Curug Twins Balarama Banyubiru, Semarang

Curug Twins Balarama is one waterfall tourism in Semarang. The location of the twin Balarama is also not far from some of the sights in the Ambarawa Banyubiru, including Rawapening, Kriya as shopping Markets a wide range of souvenirs, Scenic Marsh recreational park, education tour Finland Tirto appears, the pool appeared, and many more natural attractions which certainly offers that are worth a visit.

Local people call it with the twin Balarama due at the venue there are two waterfalls which are contiguous and are only about a hundred meter away.As for the height of the first Twin Curug Balarama is about 50 meters and the second approximately 70 meters tall.

Place this waterfall is located in the Park Tour Argo Kelir Curug Twins Balarama. Because of the nature in the area of Answernet still belongs to the new course is still not known to many people. In fact, not far from the Curug Twins Balarama is also a source of warm water which is believed by the local people can cure various kinds of diseases. The community call it by the name "hot and warm water", located on the slopes of the screen which until now still not much known to banayak people.

Location Of Twin Curug Balarama

Twin Falls is located in Dusun Krajan Balarama, Desa Wirogomo, Kecamatan Banyubiru, Semarang, Central Java.

Route to Curug Twins Balarama

The route to go to Balarama and Sister Curug is easy to reach from any direction. From the t-junction Banyubiru Kauman neighborhood or around 5 Km from the Museum Boerhaave take the road perpendicular to the direction of the village of Wirogomo which are approximately 7 Km uphill with road conditions.

After arriving at the parking area Dsn. Krajan, Ds. Wirogomo visitors still have to walk down a path toward the twin Balarama which are about 700 meters. While enjoying the journey, You will be pampered with a beautiful natural atmosphere and Eve cool mountains. But you should also remain cautious due to the road conditions slippery slope relative when the rainy season arrives.

The price of the entrance ticket to Curug Twins Balarama

To be able to enjoy the beauty and wet – basahan in waterfall or Twin Curug Balarama You have to spend Rp. 4000.0.

That's a little review about Curug or Twin Balarama as one waterfall tourism in Semarang. May be useful.

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