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Gedong Songo Bandungan towards Semarang travel beautyful

Gedong Songo is a tourist spot located in the hamlet of Darum, village Temple, Bandungan, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Gedong Songo became one of the very many sights worth visiting tourists, both local and tourist travelers abroad. True to its name, Gedong Songo which means there are 9 temple building in the complex natural tourism area which is so vast and fascinating.

Gedong Songo located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran southern part with an elevation of about 1,200 m above sea level so the air temperature in this area is quite cool (in the range 19-27 ° C). Cool atmosphere of the mountains as well as Eve free from air pollution will make its own pengelaman for the visitors who love natural beauty.

Besides Gedong Songo natural attractions is also one of the historical attractions in Semarang that must be visited when you are on vacation or traveling in a tourist area bandungan.

Location of one with the other temples are not close together so it takes extra energy to traverse the distance of hundreds of metres in order to see the overall existing temples. But don't worry, even though the breath should be easily alleviated by gasps of fresh air even natural beauty sometimes can look closely at the cold mist coming down from the mountain.

Tour the temple complex there is also a place to rest while watering even bathe with warm water. In the building of the temple buildings of 3 and 4, there is a mountain kepunden with the mengadung hot spring sulfur levels are quite high. Mere information, that with water or bathing with warm water containing sulfur it can treat disease hives or other skin diseases.

History Of Gedong Songo Semarang

Gedong songo travel beautyful was first discovered by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1740 M. And at that time the Raffles found as many as 7 buildings of the Temple so he named it with the Pitu Gedong, meaning of the word "pitu" in bahasa Indonesia is seven.

The mention of Gedong Pitu lasting up to one thousand annual more. And in 1908 – 1911, an archeologist from the Netherlands Van Stein Callenfels back doing research again in Gedong Pitu. In the span of 3 annual Callenfels find another 2 other temples located not far from the temples previously had found all the Temple so the total Raffles found into 9 pieces. With the discovery of two other temples it hence the name Gedong Pitu changed to Gedong Songo.

Gedong restoration I and Gedong II done in 1928 – 1929. While the Government of Indonesia in 1972 – 1982 doing a restoration of the building's total against Gedong Songo. Even the tourist area restoration done up to this point so that increasingly looks beautiful and neat but without changing the structure of the buildings of the temple.
According to a study that Gedong Songo was the building of Hindu cultural relics from the times of the Sailendra dynasty in the ninth century (the year 927 ad).

Mileage Gedong Songo

To get to the tourist area of Gedong Songo required travel about 40 minutes from bustling Central Ambarawa journey dominated with incline and a very sharp slope. The location of this temple also can be reached in less than 10 minutes from the attractions of New Beautiful Bandungan condition when not finding bottlenecks.

And below is a list of mileage to go to Gedong Songo.

Gedong Songo – Semarang City: 45 KM
Gedong Songo – city of Ungaran: 25 KM
Gedong Songo – city of Ambarawa: 15 KM

Route to travel beautyful Gedong Songo

The route to get to the tourist area of Gedong Songo can be accomplished from any direction, either from the direction of Kendal, Solo or Semarang, Yogyakarta.

Route to Gedong Songo from Kendal, Jakarta, Pekalongan, Batang and surroundings through from two directions. The first can pick through the t-junction Kaliwungu Kendal headed to Sumowono, after reaching a t-junction red lights And select the left lane, Kendal several meters further there are intersection before the bridge could take the right lane heading Sumowono. After arriving at the market Sumowono there is a t-junction just straight because the path to the right is a line heading to the Kaloran Temanggung. After walking straight until find gas station, there is a t-junction Palbapang Sumowono please take the left lane and go straight until find the tourist area of Gedong Songo.

Both could choose a path through the city of Semarang, follow the road to Solo or Jogja, arriving at the gas station is weak there is a t-junction Brother could take the right lane to go to Bandungan. Because Highway Weak brother given delimiter in the Middle then to take the line to the right could continue straight couple met

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