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Picturesque Marshes – Semarang Recreational Park

The Marsh is one of the Scenic garden tours at Semarang in Central Java. Located in a very strategic and Tuntang is easy to reach from any direction. This Park is also a short distance from many area attractions in the town of Salatiga and Ambarawa as Museum Locomotive, monuments sites of Ambarawa, the pool Appeared, freshwater reel, Hill Love Answernet, Craft Markets and much more.

Sights of Picturesque Swamp is very suitable for those who want to enjoy the holidays with family. In addition to nature tourism is also combined with artificial theme parks such as the swimming pool with crystal clear waters, cross-legged with specialties and there is also a tourist rides for children such as the bath ball, Scooter Electrik, toy cars, duck water and assorted other games.

Route to the Picturesque Swamp Salatiga travel beautyful is very easy because of the distance from the center of Semarang heading to tour the picturesque Swamp Garden is only about 33 KM in the right location on the edge of the main streets of Semarang – Solo makes these sights are easily reachable for visitors despite not having a private vehicle.

In addition to a wide range of tourist facilities such as above, in this place there is also a statue of a huge dragon mouth under a Banyan tree that was old and very large. If you want the visitors could enter into it while watching the film the legend of the Bog Reel.

As for the entrance in the Park is very scenic, Swamp Tours cheap i.e. Rp 7000.0.-for adults and Rp. 5000.0-for kids.

Well for those of you who want to enjoy the holidays with family, close friends or groups please just come in close to the tourist attractions of Salatiga, in addition to be able to see the scenery, swimming place, clean water is the more interesting of course is able to see the screening of history or legend of the Bog Reel.

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