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The island of the thousand islands Tour Cheap Skate in 2017

Pulau Pari of the thousand islands in 2017 & Travel for those of you who want to enjoy a vacation on the island of Rays which is located in the thousand islands, Jakarta, Indonesia. This island can be used as an alternative for those of you who like traveling to the nearby attractions of North Jakarta.

In addition the price is still pretty cheap Pari Island, the island is not so crowded people such as Scouts or island Tidung Island And other islands.

As an alternative place of his departure, travelers can choose the route of the journey to the island Par Marina Ancol by using Speed boats with mileage 50-60 minutes and also you can choose an alternate departure using traditional ferry Island Pari Muara Angke X Adem With mileage approx 2 hours drive.

Upon arrival on the island are travel beautyful , you will be greeted by the sight of the alluring form of soft white sand and still a Virgin as well as the ripples of the water that soothes the soul, in addition to Island Getaways, Pari is also the region's mangrove forest ecotourism which characterizes the island tour package Pari.

There are three snorkeling spot Tours of the island mainstay Pari i.e. Coral Sea Protection Area of the ship, and a star of Rama. Tourists can snorkel in the crystal clear sea water in those places, so for a beautiful ornamental fishes will adorn the waterproof camera results.

Pari island tourism highly favored by its visitors because the island very beautiful rays with white sand is very soft, so it could be enjoyed by lovers of the beauty of the beach dikepulauan a thousand shades of jakarta by both local and foreign tourists.

travel beautyful for the island rays, so you don't get me wrong, you better choose a trust agent tour Island pari Island son with basic.

Island Pari 2017 in addition enjoy a shadowy mangrove forests and explore coral reefs, tourists can rest while enjoying the warmth of the atmosphere of sunset dipantai Sand a Virgin who became the Icon par Dipulau Tour – island of a thousand.

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