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Waterfall Semirang, waterfall Hidden in Semarang

Waterfall Semirang or commonly known as Semirang Curug is one of the natural attractions in Semarang, located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran northern part by having an altitude of 45 metres high water terjunan.

Waterfall tourism in Semarang, Central Java is managed by Perhutani acres and has 10 Ha located in the hamlet of Gintungan, village Gogik, district Ungaran Barat, Semarang.To achieve this Semirang attractions is also very easy though should be needed stamina that fit its location which is located on the slopes of the mountains and requires it to walk up in the destination location.
Although not too difficult definitely can be a challenge for the visitors, and if then the fatigue will soon be alleviated with beautiful natural scenery, the cool mountain fresh comfort after mistakes in the location of the falls as high as 45 m.
Access to the waterfall tourism Semirang Central Java
Curug Semirang is located approximately 7 KM from the Office of Regent of Semarang or can be reached by vehicle about 30 minutes. Routes to Waterfalls SemirangTo reach the waterfall for visitors coming from the direction of Semarang or Solo can go straight through the next intersection Hotel Ungaran pretty (hotel located in Semarang Solo Highway) and the road continues through STIKES Ngudi Waluyo and then take a right to go to the mountain. After passing through fields then it will find the steep and cobbled climb that means signifies a journey it's been up at the foot of Mount Ungaran.
Although the road is pretty subtle but necessary prudence because the street is pretty narrow and passes through the settlement. After a trip through several of the village it will be up in front of the tomb of Gogik Village who becomes a simple parking places in the form of land belonging to residents of the only fenced in and managed by a local village group of Coral.

After arriving at the parking area a trip then continued with a walk along the footpath uphill and which are more or less 500 meter up to the gate. For the visitors that riding a motorcycle can go straight to get to the gate but have to be extra careful in addition to a small road in the form of macadam but some still the slippery ground.Upon reaching the gate continued with towards the waterfall Semirang walk down the trail and climb which is about 1 KM or takes approximately 20 minutes.
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Tourist passes Waterfalls Semirang and parking

The parking fee is Rp. 2,000.0-motor/motor
Car parking fee of Rp 5,000.0.-/car
The entrance ticket costs Rp 5,000.0.-/person

Well for those of you who want a getaway in Semarang with the cool mountains as well as the atmosphere of the eve of beautiful landscape may waterfall tourism Semirang is a suitable place to fill the holiday mood together with family and friends nearby.Besides Semirang is sights with relatively cheap fare is also available post to rest and unwind in small stalls selling a variety of food and drinks. After enjoying the scenery and waterfalls Semirang you can continue your trip towards your holiday Pool Umbul Sidomukti, Gedong Songo History Tours and many more tourist attractions in Semarang which is certainly very interesting to visit.

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